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1996 Fleer Metal Shaquille O'Neal PSA 7

40,00 EUR
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2007 Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Lucario LV.X PGS 8.5

65,00 EUR
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2000 Pokemon Japanese Neo 3 Entei - Holo PSA 9

120,00 EUR
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The Shiny Vault
First Vault for graded collectibles in Europe

Collectibles are becoming more and more valuable assets and belong protected, which is hardly possible in private households without a vault. The ShinyVault is the first of its kind in Europe and offers insured storage for graded collectibles including a digital portfolio and easy and fast access to the ShinyRare marketplaces. The storage fee is low and items in the Vault portfolio can be listed on the ShinyRare marketplaces at any time with two clicks.

Free Vault storage for the first 12 months from digitization or purchase.