Marketplace Security

Our mission is to provide the highest level of security for buyers and sellers and to protect against improper behavior on our marketplaces. No direct contact with other users is possible on our platform and all contracts are made with ShinyRare. This step ensures that the preferences of successful buyers and sellers are not published to ensure a fair market for all. In addition, this measure prevents annoying inquiries that are sometimes not meant seriously.

Fraud Prevention

We work hard to identify fake or manipulated slabs and counterfeit cards, and we will report any detected criminal activity to the authorities immediately and without exception. Users who bid on an item but do not pay for it will face restrictions on their use of our platform, up to and including account deletion. These measures help us protect our customers and provide a trustworthy marketplace.

Listing integrity

It is important to us to ensure the integrity of our marketplaces. Every collectible offered for sale must be sent to ShinyRare beforehand. ShinyRare verifies and digitizes each item and stores it fully insured in the ShinyVault. This process ensures that all listings on the marketplaces are authentic and include an accurate item description. The high-resolution photos of the front and back of the items provide the opportunity to closely examine a collectible and provide peace of mind when purchasing.

The Shiny Vault

Graded collectibles stored and insured

In your own home, collectibles are only protected up to a small value by insurance unless you have a safe. Storage in our ShinyVault offers fully insured protection for graded collectibles and shipping with DHL Express to and from ShinyRare is also fully insured. The address of the ShinyVault is secret and only ShinyRare employees have access. For a small storage and insurance fee (the first twelve months are free), collectors can rest assured that nothing will happen to their "treasures."