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Fully registered users can submit their collectibles to ShinyRare for sale or secure storage via the form on the website.

The delivery service is exclusively DHL. ShinyRare only accepts deliveries which are submitted via the form on the platform and sent with the provided shipping label!

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Create a submission

Shipping costs depend on the country you are shipping from, the weight and the insured value.

1. Go to Submissions in your user account .

2. Specify grading company, grading ID and insurance value for each item.

Remember to provide a reasonable value for your items to be fully protected in the event of loss or destruction in transit.

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Create shipping label

1. Request the shipping label via "continue to pay shipping label".

2. Pay the invoice of the shipping label. Either direct or later in the submission area via "Pay label now!"

3. You will receive your label within 24h in your email inbox.

Submissions that have not been paid for remain stored in the user account under "Accounting"/"Submissions" for 5 days. After that they will be deleted.

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Send your items

1. Pack the items as described in the packing guide.

2. Post shipment with shipping label in DHL station, DHL shop or DHL box.

After receiving your collectibles, we will inspect them, check for damage, digitize them and store them fully insured in the ShinyVault. Once fully digitized, all items are available in your digital Vault portfolio, where you can manage, offer for sale and share all your collectibles.

You can track all progress in your user area. [here]

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Packing guide

Send your collection items wrapped with filler material (preferably bubble wrap) and in a sturdy box suitable for shipping. Remember to put enough filler material in the box to protect your items from any damage in transit.

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Applying Shipment Label


All packing tips from DHL