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We offer specialized marketplaces where registered users can buy and sell graded collectibles easily and securely. The authenticity of the objects and the safety of buyers and sellers are our top priority.

How it works

How to participate

Once all three steps of registration are completed, you will have full access to all ShinyRare features. Each registered user is given a Vault ID, under which their purchases from the ShinyRare marketplaces and their submissions to the ShinyVault are properly insured and stored.

Storage is free for every item submitted and every item purchased on ShinyRare for the first 12 months, giving you full flexibility to choose the right time to sell your collectibles. It also gives you the opportunity to purchase multiple items, over a longer period of time, from different sellers on the ShinyRare marketplaces and have them sent to you as a collective shipment to save significantly on shipping costs, packaging materials and emissions.

So, what are you waiting for?

How things work on ShinyRare
The Shiny Vault
First Vault for graded collectibles in Europe

Collectibles are becoming more and more valuable assets and belong protected, which is hardly possible in private households without a vault. The ShinyVault is the first of its kind in Europe and offers insured storage for graded collectibles including a digital portfolio and easy and fast access to the ShinyRare marketplaces. The storage fee is low and items in the Vault portfolio can be listed on the ShinyRare marketplaces at any time with two clicks.

Free Vault storage for the first 12 months from digitization or purchase.

How it works

Fixed Price Marketplace

The Fixed Price Marketplace is live 24/7/365 and items stored in the ShinyVault can be listed and removed at any time. Registered users can buy collectibles around the clock and it is also possible to make a price offer if an item has been listed with the "Accepts Offers" option. There is no fee for listing items.

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How things work on ShinyRare
How it works

Weekly Auctions

Our weekly auction always starts on Thursdays at 19:00, ends 10 days later on Sundays 19:00, and goes into "Extended Bidding".

  • Large variety of graded collectibles
  • Low starting bid of €10 for each item
  • Free to list
  • No selling fees
  • Savings on shipping with free ShinyVault storage for the first 12 months