The Shiny Vault

ShinyRare offers the first Vault for graded collectibles in Europe. Users whose items are stored with ShinyRare can manage them digitally in the form of a portfolio. This can be accessed online at any time, offers standardized, high-resolution photos of the front and back of the items, shows the current insurance value and allows easy and quick access to the ShinyRare marketplaces.

How things work on ShinyRare


  • Collection protection
  • Digital portfolio with standardized, high-resolution photos
  • Uncomplicated and insured shipping (to and from ShinyRare)
  • Quick and easy access to the ShinyRare marketplaces
  • Savings on shipping costs for purchases through collective shipments

Submit your collectibles now and decide later when you want to sell them. Free storage for the first 12 months gives you full flexibility in choosing the right time. Just give it a try!

Collectable items approved for the ShinyVault



Any card, sticker or other standard-size slab from grading companies accepted by us. Please see our accepted grading companies [here].



Comics, video games, factory original wax, and other oversized slabbed items.

How things work on ShinyRare


  • Create user/Vault account: FREE
  • Submit collectibles: FREE (shipping costs paid by submitter)
  • Offer items on a ShinyRare marketplace: FREE
  • Insured storage including digital portfolio (Whether an item is submitted or purchased through ShinyRare): FREE for the first 12 months - €3 per quarter per item thereafter.
  • Devault (shipping costs paid by customer):
    • FREE for items purchased through ShinyRare and stored in the ShinyVault for less than 12 months.
    • 1% of the value for items not purchased on ShinyRare or items which are stored more than 12 months.

Shipping costs depend on the destination country, weight and the insurance value.