How It works.

The Registration.

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Prerequisite for the use of the platform is the registration by means of a user account. Registration is possible from the age of 18 and is free of charge. There are three steps of registration, which differ according to the type of use desired.

The Registration

Verify your Email

1. Enter your Email-Address.

2. Confirm that you'r living in Europe.

3. Confirm your legal age.

4. Accept our terms of use.

5. Confirm your account through our verification email.

The first step is done, you can now browse the marketplace. Of course, you can also continue with "Step two of registration" right away.

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The Registration

Create your vault

1. Enter your personal data.

2. Enter your delivery address.

Step two entitles you to buy at the fixed price marketplace and place bids in auctions. Now "Step three of registration" can be done.

To receive payouts from sales, the next step is to verify your bank account.

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The Registration

Verify your bank account

1. Enter your bank details (account holder, IBAN, BIC, institution) under “Preferences” in your user account.

2. Start the account verification process via "Request verification now" to receive the test transfer. Trial payments may take up to 5 business days to be credited to your account.

3. Take the amount and payment reference from your bank statement.

4. Go to "Preferences" to complete the verification.

5. Enter the amount and the payment reference of the test transfer and confirm the entry with "Verify now".

After the platform verifies the accuracy of the data entered, the account is verified and all the features of the site are available to you. Stage three is necessary to submit collection items or offer them for sale.

Do not enter any amount until the test payment has actually been received into your bank account, as this may cause problems with the verification of your account!

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